is a collective of work between three Las Vegas based artists. Our skill set includes illustrations, graphic design, paintings, photography & printmaking. 

Our focus is to enrich the Las Vegas community with what we have to offer. We do so by keeping our mind, work & studio ajar.




Reymarc Dayauon

Reymarc is a jack of all trades. He specializes in painting and illustration with the addition of some mural work. His primary medium of choice is with oil paints, but works also with acrylic, watercolor & ink.

"The best dreams happen when you're awake."





Apisit Lim

Apisit is a photographer who expresses his feelings and imagination through his photos. However that may be. The bulk of his photo style consist of narratives, portraits & candid emotional scenes, it allows him to freely create as he pleases with photography. 

"Figure out your dream, and chase after it."





Justin-Aaron Velasco

Justin-Aaron is a printmaker & graphic designer. He explores the techniques and processes that printmaking has to offer and often combines it with his design work, breaking free from the confines of digital tools.

"The scariest moment is always just before you start"






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